Our products are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and parts for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Defects that occur within this warranty period, under normal use and care, will be repaired, replaced or refunded at our discretion. The benefits conferred by this warranty are in addition to all rights and remedies in respect of the product that the consumer has under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and similar state and territory laws.

Uncle Bill’s Australia Pty Ltd provides the following warranty in relation to its televisions and consumer electronic products (collectively the “Product”).

Standard Warranty

Subject to the terms and conditions below, Uncle Bill’s Australia Pty Ltd warrants that the Product will be replaced or repaired, if defects have occurred in the Product during the Standard Manufacturer Warranty period of 12 months.

This warranty covers product purchased from Signify authorised dealers or re-sellers only.

This warranty covers the original purchaser only and it is not transferrable if the Product is sold by the original purchaser.

Warranty Period Table

TV42’’ and above12 monthsIn-Home Service.
TV19’’ to 40’’12 monthsAuthorised Service Centre or Return to Store with Return Authorisation Number.
All other Signify products12 monthsAuthorised Service Centre or Return to Store.

Warranty Service Type

In Home Service/Pick up Service

This service will only be provided as part of this warranty if all the following conditions are met:

  1. The product is indicated in the Warranty Period Table;
  2. The product is within the warranty period; and
  3. The product is located within the normal service area of the local Signify®Authorised Service Centre.

If the Signify® team determines that the product is not repairable on site, the customer will need to take the product to a Signify® Authorised Service Centre (at customers cost) and the repair will be undertaken at this location. After the repair, the product will be available for collection or returned to the purchaser at a fee upon request.

Authorised Service Centre/Carry-in Service

The purchaser is required to send the product at their own expense to the nearest Signify® Authorised Service Centre for repair. After the repair, the product will be available for collection or return to the purchaser at a fee upon request. Signify® in-home service can be made available at a fee if requested.

  1. A 6-month replacement warranty is applicable to all accessories such as remotes, power adaptors and cables, as long as all warranty requirements are met. Damage from misuse will not be accepted.
  2. Signify®will ensure to the best of its abilities that all required parts are made available for any required service/repair.
  3. Signify®/Uncle Bills Australia Pty Ltd and its Authorised Service Centres will endeavour to complete product repairs within a reasonable period based on available resources and workload during the time when service is requested and performed.
  4. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the product. In the case of a replacement, the product may be replaced, with a refurbished unit of the same type or, if one is unavailable, a similar refurbished model with equal or better features and specifications.
  5. Please be advised that if the product presented for repair is capable of retaining user-generated data, the data may be lost during servicing. Customers are strongly encouraged to back up all important information/data before sending the product in for service/repair.
  6. Service will be provided only during normal business hours and under safety conditions and circumstances. Signify®and its authorised service agents can refuse any repair if safety, in relation to OH&S, becomes a concern to its staff or authorised service agents’ personnel.

The warranty is void and warranty claims may be refused, subject to the Australian Consumer Law, if:

  • The product was not transported, installed, operated or maintained according to the instruction given by the manufacturer.
  • The product was abused, damaged, tampered with, altered or repaired by any unauthorised persons.
  • Product failure is due to accidents during use, installation or transit, power surges, use of defective or incompatible external devices, exposure to abnormal conditions such as excessive temperatures or humidity, or entry of liquids, objects or creatures inside the product (eg. cockroach infestations).
  • The product has been dropped or has collided with another object, has been used for reasons other than its intended use, has been accidently or deliberately misused, or for others reasons such as theft, vandalism, floods, fires, earthquakes, electrical storms or any other act illegal act or war related events.
  • The serial number of the product is missing or has been tampered with.
  • The product is purchased in an Auction.
  • The product is incorrectly assembled or installed.

NOTE: If any repairs or services requested by the customer are outside of the terms and conditions of this warranty, or where a fault is determined to be outside of the terms and conditions of the warranty during an in-home service call, the customer shall be charged for the cost of the repair and/or the in-home service call fee.

  1. No one is authorised to assume any liability on behalf of Signify®or impose any obligation on it, in connection with the sale of any equipment other than as stated in this warranty and outlined above.
  2. Signify®and/or its Authorised Service Centres reserve the right to inspect and verify whether the product is exhibiting a major failure as claimed by customers/retailers.
  3. Image retention or burn-in can be a problem for all phosphor based displays. In extreme cases permanent phosphor burn can occur if still/repetitive images are left on the screen for extended periods of time. Such damage to the screen is not covered by the warranty. Please ensure that precautions are followed to avoid permanent damage to your display.
  4. All LCD, LED LCD and plasma panels can exhibit some bright, dark or partially lit pixels, a normal limitation of these technologies and the manufacturing process involved and are usually not noticeable when viewing normal screen images. Defective pixels are not a warranty issue, unless they exceed the ISO 13406-2* standard for pixel defects. All panels used for Signify®TVs have passed ISO 13406-2 standards.

* To regulate the acceptability of defects and to protect the end user, ISO have created a standard for manufacturers to follow. ISO 13406-2 recommends how many defaults are acceptable in a display before it should be replaced, within the terms and conditions of warranty.

  1. Where a product has been mounted to a wall, it is your responsibility to remove it from the wall to repair or service and re-install the product to the wall after service.
  2. If Signify®or its Authorised Service Centre determines that your claim of a Signify® consumer product is invalid, Signify® may charge you for any labour, parts or transport costs incurred by Signify® or its agent in assessing your claim.

If you have any issues with this product or require further information, please contact our helpful customer support team via phone or email (details below). The product comes with a full 1 year warranty for your piece of mind. In many cases we will resolve the issue without you having to return the product. Our friendly staff can also help you with troubleshooting or advice in relation to the use of this product. Please ensure that you have the model number, serial number and purchase receipt ready before you call.

Customer Support Team

1300 777 137

Hours of Operation* :

Monday – Friday:   9am – 4:30pm
Saturday:   9am – 3pm

* Hours of Operation are Australian Eastern Standard Time.