Signify is an Australian technology brand that specialises in the creation and development
of competitively priced electronics. Launched in the early 1990’s Signify has consistently delivered
product collections that are modern, stylish, and functional. We pride ourselves on our research into
the latest technological trends to bring our customers quality products and appliances. Signify is now
one of Australia’s leading brand choices.

The Signify vision is to be a technology brand leader creating innovative and exciting product ranges
that meet the requirements of our everchanging world. We focus on the needs and wants of our
customers and ensure we deliver the best electronic products for the best value.

The Signify brand is owned and managed by Uncle Bills, Australia. Uncle Bills is a global product
development, sourcing & logistics specialist. Uncle Bills have offices and showrooms in Australia,
New Zealand and China, with local offices in other markets including Canada and South America.