Retro Turntable with Legs

Bring a bit of the Swinging 60’s into your home and get grooving with the classic sounds and stylings of the Retro Turntable from Signify. Perfect for both the vinyl enthusiast and the digital downloader, this clever unit allows you to play all your classic LP’s as well as stream your new favourites from your chosen device. All the look of the retro styling you love combined with the modern, high quality sound you need, this fabulous turntable is sure to become the statement centrepiece of any room.

Listen However You Like

Featuring a headphone jack for private listening as well as an RCA Out to connect to an external speaker, this clever device allows you to listen to your music however you like.

Play Your Way

Featuring a 3-speed belt driven turntable, you can choose to playback from 33.3, 45 or 78 RPM. The turntable supports 7″, 10″ and 12″ records as well as the ability to stream digital music from any media device, making it perfect for both vinyl enthusiasts and the modern music streamers

Stylish Design

Vintage design available in either a classic red and white or modern black finish with additional free standing wooden legs. Perfect for adding retro character to any room.

Customise Your Sound

Listen to all your favourites through the integrated high quality stereo speakers. Adjust the treble and bass yourself to get the perfect mix for you.


3-Speed Belt driven turntable; Choose to playback from 33.3, 45 or 78RPM
Integrated high quality stereo speakers
Includes RCA Out to connect to an external speaker
Includes Headphone Jack for private listening
Tune the Treble and Bass yourself for a customized sound
Supports 7”, 10” and 12” Records
Play Tunes from any media device via the AUX input
Vintage Design with free standing legs
Classic Red and White finish
Wooden Legs
Perfect for adding character to any room


Input Voltage: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.3A
Power Adaptor: 5.0V 1.0A
Power Consumption: 5W
Speaker Power: 2 x 5W Stereo Speakers
RPM: Supports playback speeds 33 ½ / 45 / 78
Record Size Supported: 7”, 10”, and 12”
Power Adaptor Included

Bluetooth Headphones

Get your music on the move with these easy to use Bluetooth Headphones from Signify. With full playback control available, this convenient design provides crisp sound whether you choose to use it wirelessly or with the AUX cord. It’s easy to listen to your favourite beats or stream a season of the latest hit TV show with its 10hr play time. Finished in your choice of black, blue or red, the simple, sleek design of these stylish headphones let you tune out the world and focus on the music.


Available in black, blue or red , these stylish headphones also feature a space saving foldable design, making them perfect to take on the go.


As well as wireless bluetooth and AUX connection listening , these headphones also include a built-in FM radio function and a built-in mic so you can take hands free calls on the move.


Bluetooth 4.2 (Up to 10m range)
Space saving foldable design
Button control panel
Built-in FM radio function
Built in mic for hands free use
Micro SD Input
Playback Controls


Charge through USB Input: 5V 1A
Frequency Range: 87.5 – 108 MHz

Bluetooth Speaker

Cute and convenient, it’s easy to play your music whenever and wherever you want with this classic Bluetooth Speaker from Signify. Whether it’s for partying all night long or for adding a speaker to your movie night, it’s easy to connect to all of your media devices and stream your sound. Its rechargeable, and with two stereo speakers featuring playback from Micro SD, your AUX cord or even FM Radio, this compact little speaker is sure to pack a punch. Finished in your choice of black, blue or red, the simple design of this stylish speaker lets you tune out the world and focus on the music.


Available in black, blue or red, this stylish speaker comes in a trendy cylindrical shape with a soft feel canvas grill cover.


Featuring up to a 10m bluetooth range and playback via Micro SD, AUX or FM Radio, you can listen to your music how you want, where you want. With 2 x 3W stereo speakers, this compact little speaker is sure to pack a punch!


Bluetooth 4.2 (Up to 10m range)
2 x 3W Stereo speakers
Playback via Mirco SD, AUX, FM Radio
Trendy cylindrical design
Built-in mic for hands free usage
Soft feel canvas grill cover


Frequency Range: FM 87.5 – 108MHz
Charge through USB point: 5V 1A